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the solution about the sd card that cannot read.

broken image

When you encounter the SD card can not be read, do not think this is a small problem, once the sd card can not be read, the SD card encountered a very serious damage. But don't be too flustered. Below I summarize ten ways. Teach you how to repair damaged SD cards by yourself and keep valuable data inside. If you can fix it use those ways. You will not lost your picture in SD card. lost picture recovery from SD card is very trouble.

1: It is most likely that the metal contacts of the SD card are contaminated, which is also the most easily overlooked area. The solution is to clean it with alcohol instead of water.

2: You should check if the SD card is infected with a virus, and many viruses will cause the SD card to fail to read the data. The solution is to use a professional anti-virus software to scan the SD card, if there is a virus anti-virus software will automatically handle.

3: It is possible that the failure of the card reader caused the SD card to be unrecognizable. The solution is to replace the new card reader and try to connect to the computer.

4: You should decide whether the SD card is not recognized only on the phone, sometimes the damage of the cell phone card slot will cause the SD card to be unrecognizable. The solution is to replace a cell phone and try again.

5: In addition, there may be a failure of the mobile phone system to cause the SD card to be unrecognizable, which often occurs. The solution is also to replace a mobile phone and test it again.