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How to repair damaged SD card?

It is a very serious matter that SD cards cannot be recognized, which means that the data in SD cards may be lost. SD cards can not identify some of the problems that can be solved, so let's analyze how to repair SD cards. Recover the data from the SD card which can not read. you must to use the recovery software for picture recovery from SD card that cannot read.

Is it a logic error that makes the SD card unrecognizable?

Whether logical errors are easy to solve is to use the system's own system error scanning tool to repair.

Processing method: Turn on the computer "Start" - "Run" - enter "CMD" and run "chkdsk/f#:"(# is the character of your removable disk (SD card), such as G disk is G: pay attention to the blank space in CMD;

If you are not familiar with commands, you can use this method: find your SD card character in my computer, and right-click SD card properties - tools - to start checking - to "automatically fix Filesystem errors" and "scan and try to restore bad sectors" both hit ", click the Enter key, then start to repair, if this method can not repair see the next method.

Can the SD card be formatted?
Connect your SD card to the computer with a card reader. If it can be displayed normally, the SD card is intact. If it cannot be read, it indicates that there is a problem with the SD card. At this time, you can use the system to format it and try to format it. The method is to open my computer, find your SD drive letter, such as the disk, click the right mouse button on the disk drive, select the format, and then click OK, if you can format successfully, repair it, if not and prompt window The next method cannot be completed after formatting (note that the data in the SD card that is lost will be formatted. If the data is important, it is recommended to reformat the data with iFinD first).

Try to use the system's disk tool for formatting operations. Compared to the formatting in the right-click property, the formatting of the disk tool is more powerful. You can try to format it. The specific operation is to click the right button of my computer. Then select Manage, select Disk Management on the pop-up page, find your sd drive letter, such as H drive, then right-click to select format, click OK.

The computer can't format. You can try to use the mobile phone or camera device to format and repair the sd card. If you have a TF small memory card, use the mobile phone. If it is an SD card, use the camera. Someone has successfully repaired this way. Still not small, it is recommended to change a few more phones and cameras to try to fix.

Try using a third-party tool to force the formatting of the sd card
First download the famous diskgenius software to format your sd card, the operation is very simple, if not, use the memory card professional formatting tool to try to solve the problem of unreadable, such as SDFormatter, it is the sd card formatting tool produced by Panasonic , the repair success rate is very high, in addition there are many third-party memory card professional formatting tools, are the official tools of the major sd manufacturers, such as Transcend Sony have a, you can go to the site memory card repair toolbar to download These tools are very simple interfaces. After inserting your sd card, click on the formatting in the software.

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